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  • Dated: 1/10/16- IAAN students win Debate Competition organised by AIWC and AICEIW

    Dated: 1/10/16- IAAN students win Debate Competition organised by AIWC and AICEIW

    We are proud to inform that Students of IAAN Journalism & Mass Communication College has made us proud at a Debate Comptition Organized by AIWC and AICEIW by beating and leaving behind all the colleges & Institutes of Delhi. IAAN won the over all First Prize Trophy, the news becames more bigger with the fact that in individual competitions too our students Rahul Khandalkar secured 1st position in speaking for the motion and Niranjan Mishra bagged 1st position speaking against the motion which makes 3 prizes for IAAN in a single competitions.

  • Dated: 12/08/15- Students invited for Singapore Film Festival

    Students of Iaan are invited to attend the Singapore Film Festival on 13th and 14th August'2015 at Sri Fort Auditorium Complex.

    Interested students may contact the section office for further details.


  • Dated: 13/10/16- MD's Dinner will be hosted Today

    This is to inform all invited meritorius students that the MD's Dinner will be Hosted today at the Foreign Correspondent Club of South Asia, from 7:00pm onwards. All invited students will have recieved a special invitation from the Managing Director's Office, with all the details enclosed. The event is Formal.

  • Dated: 18/5/15- Practical Exam Schedule May/June 2015 for students of IMC


  • Dated: 20/6/16- Datesheet for UGD & PGD Exams June/July 2016

    All the students of UGD & PGD are required to check the datesheet for June/July 2016 Exams.

    new datesheet.jpg

  • Dated: 27/5/16-MCRPV Practical Exam BJ IV May/June 2016

    All students of BJ IV are required to check their schedule for the practical exams May/June 2016.

    For any query, kindly contact the section office.

    Date : 31 May'2016

    Day:   Tuesday

    Time: 10:00 am

    The reporting time for students is 9:45 am.

  • Dated: 5/6/15- POSTPONED: UGD Semester I Examinations

    This is to inform the students concerned that the examinations for UGD semester I have been postponed due to clash of existing dates with those of Delhi University . Kindly find the new datesheet below.

    For any queries, kindly contact the section office.


  • Dated: 5/8/15- Orientation Program 2015


    All the students enrolled in various courses for session 2015 onwards are cordially invited to attend the orientation program as follows.




    11 AUGUST’2015 / TUESDAY


    IAAN School of Mass Communication


  • Dated:19/5/15 - Admit Cards for University Exams May/June 2015

    Students may collect their admit cards for the the University Examinations May/June 2015 after getting NOC from A/C office and library on the following dates:





    20 May’ 2015


    11 am to 2 pm

    21 May’ 2015


    2 pm to 5 pm


  • Dated:20/5/15- OFFICE ORDER (B.A.M.C)


  • Dated:25/5/15 -Date Sheet for UGD/PGD Semester I Examinations


    Date Sheet for UGD/PGD Semester I Examinations is as follows:

    1st sem.JPG

  • Dated:25/5/15 -Date Sheet for UGD/PGD Semester II Examinations


    Date sheet for UGD/PGD Examinations is as follows:

    2nd sem.JPG

  • Dated:29/5/15- Practical Exam Schedule for PGD & UGD


    The practical schedule for PGD I + II and UGD I + II is as follows:

    ug pg prac.JPG

  • Dated:5/6/15- Revised Schedule for UGD I+II & PGD I+II Practical & Viva

    The revised schedule for practical examination and Viva Voce for students of UGD I+II and PGD I+II is as follows.

    For any query, kindly contact the section office.


  • Dated:5/6/15- Students Internship Eligibility


  • Dated:8/6/15- Summer Practical Exposure Camp @ Goa for Iaanians

    Summer Practical Exposure:

    A seven day Summer Practical Exposure Camp is being organized in Goa in association with Goa based and Moscow based Production Houses from 20 July - 27 July' 2015 .

    The Exposure will include Film making, Camera Handling, Scriptwriting, Shooting, Acting, Set Designing, Lighting, etc.

    Interested IAANIANS may mail their applications to by 10 June' 2015.

    For more information, kindly mail your queries to or contact the PR. Office.

  • Iaan Short Film Carnival- 21st April 2017

    We are proud to announce that our students are going to host a short film carnival on 21st April 2017 for which we have recieved more than 70 entries from India as well as abroad. The carnival aims at promoting young talent by providing learners and amateur film makers, a platform to show their talent in front of renowned jury members including Film Expert Mr. Ajit Ray, ETV Editorial Advisor Ms. Ruby Arun and Creative Editor DD News Mr. Manish Sharma.

  • International Carnival

    Iaan International Carnival - 2017

    (Film Festival) : 21 April 2017