As announced in Face to Face with MD today, IAAN Students have a Unique Opportunity to visit Beijing, China in May 2019.
The Government of the Peoples Republic of China is organising a Asian Splendid Attire March Ceremony which will be held in May in Beijing China. During the ceremony Artists and Performers from all over Asia will march and give performance in Beijing with their classical national dresses.

IAAN has been selected to recommend a few students for this Event by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. Therefore, as informed to all students, a Special Audition will be held tomorrow, 7 March at 1pm in the College Campus 
Students will audition for their dance performances tomorrow.

The Eligibility Criteria is:

 1.  Girls and Boys aged between 20-30

2.  Students must have background in arts, media and performances

3.  Students will bring their profiles and photos of past performances in traditional costumes or photos in the past cultural performances.

4.  Students must have a valid a passport

All the fares including International transportation and meals, accommodation and local transportation during the student’s stay in China will be borne by the Govt. of China. Passports are required. Visa will be issued by the Govt. of China. After the ceremony, China will also arrange a 2-3 days travel and visit in Beijing for students to enjoying Chinese culture.

For any more information and clarification, students can come meet me tomorrow.

Thank you.

Ayush Garg

Associate Director