23/01/19 - ANI Job Notices





Job Opening


 This is to inform all IAAN Students that the following Job Opportunity is available for those interested. 



Eligibility:             ALL Final Year Students



Asian News International (ANI)


Position:  Social Media, Multimedia, Print Journalists

Delhi, India


न्यूजएजेंसी‘एएनआई’ कोसोशलमीडियाकेलिएपत्रकारोंकीजरूरतहै. ट्विटर, प्रिंट, मल्टीमीडियाआदिकेलिएवहीलोगआवेदनकरेंजिनकान्यूजसेंसबढ़ियाहो, 

हिंदीकीजानकारीसहीहोऔरअंग्रेजीपरठीकठाकपकड़हो. टाइपिंगस्पीडअच्छीहोनीचाहिए. समसामयिकमामलोंकीजानकारीहोनाभीजरूरीहै. 

ANI is looking for experienced candidates for Twitter,Print, Multimedia and Programme. Strong command over English is a must along with reading and speaking knowledge of Hindi. The candidate should also have strong news sense and knowledge of current affairs. A good typing and reading speed can be a bonus. Candidate should also be able to handle pressure and work in all shifts. 


To Apply, Interested Students can send their resumes to career@iaan.org