Events & Activities @ IAAN


  • 06.02.19 - IAAN TV Open for Students

    IAAN TV Open to all Students


    This is to inform all students that IAAN TV is now open to all students of all batches and semesters at the College.

    Any student who is interested in a career in Television, Reporting, Anchoring, Camera, Voice Over, Editing, Graphics and Broadcast Journalism is welcome to submit their names to Mr. Vishal Gaurav at iaantv@iaan.orgno later than 11.02.2019.

    All students who submit their names to Vishal Gaurav, may join IAAN TV on his approval.

    A trial period will be held 15 days after all new applicants have joined IAAN TV to judge their progress.


    Thank you.

  • 06.02.2019 - IAAN Production Movie Selected

    06.02.2019 - IAAN Production Movie Selected

    IAAN Production Movie ALIKE

    Makes Official Selection 

    Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019

    This is to inform IAAN Student Community, IAAN Campus and Public at large that the recently released IAAN Production Movie — ALIKE’ after winning Official Selection at Inshort Film Festival, Nigeria in December 2018, has won 3 more Laurels (Leaves) in January 2019.

    The Film won Official Selection at Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019to be held in Mumbai on 20thFebruary 2019. This is a very prestigious film festival of the country. Further, ALIKE won the Official Selection and Nominations at IGNITE Film Festival 2019, Bangalore (Karnataka) and moving one step ahead, the Film got the Best Cinematography Award at the festival on 20thJanuary 2019.Indranil Nandi, the Director of Photography, bagged this award leaving behind all the cinematographers of the country in the festival.

    IAAN Congratulates the Production Team for these multiple Achievements and Celebrates this Milestone with them! It is extremely laudable that a student-produced film has been selected and bagged the winning prize at National and International Film Festivals!





    As announced in Face to Face with MD today, IAAN Students have a Unique Opportunity to visit Beijing, China in May 2019.
    The Government of the Peoples Republic of China is organising a Asian Splendid Attire March Ceremony which will be held in May in Beijing China. During the ceremony Artists and Performers from all over Asia will march and give performance in Beijing with their classical national dresses.

    IAAN has been selected to recommend a few students for this Event by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. Therefore, as informed to all students, a Special Audition will be held tomorrow, 7 March at 1pm in the College Campus 
    Students will audition for their dance performances tomorrow.

    The Eligibility Criteria is:

    1. Girls and Boys aged between 20-30

    2. Students must have background in arts, media and performances

    3. Students will bring their profiles and photos of past performances in traditional costumes or photos in the past cultural performances.

    4. Students must have a valid a passport

    All the fares including International transportation and meals, accommodation and local transportation during the student’s stay in China will be borne by the Govt. of China. Passports are required. Visa will be issued by the Govt. of China. After the ceremony, China will also arrange a 2-3 days travel and visit in Beijing for students to enjoying Chinese culture.

    For any more information and clarification, students can come meet me tomorrow.

    Thank you.

    Ayush Garg

  • 06.03.19 - Women's Day Event

    Women’s Day Event

    This is to inform all students, that as announced in Face-to-Face with MD Sir, A huge event is being held in Siri Fort Auditorium on Thursday, 07/03/2019 from 6pm onwards to Celebrate Woman’s Day.

    The Event, will have Dancing, Singing, Comedy and Fashion Shows. All IAAN Students are invited to attend. Those students who are interested in attending, must send their names in the Group Messages by tonight.

  • 08.02.19 - IAAN Express - New Students List

    IAAN Express - New Students List

    This is to inform all students that as per procedure the following students had applied to IAAN Express and their names have been approved. The following students can join IAAN Express on trial basis starting on 20th February at 8am in the morning.

    1. Ashesha Arora - BAMC IV

    2. Swakriti - BAMC II

    3. Rishab Sharma - BAMC II

    The 3 students will undergo a trial period of 15 days, after which there will be an evaluation done. There will be a meeting tomorrow of the entire IAAN Express Team with me at 8am in the College.

  • 08.02.19 - IAAN TV - New Students List

    IAAN TV - New Students List

    This is to inform all students that as per procedure the following students had applied to IAAN TV and their names have been approved. The following students can join IAAN TV on trial basis starting on 20th February at 9am in the morning.

    1. Sanjeev Mishra - MAMC II
    2. Megha Sharma - MAMC II
    3. Himanshu Dubey - BAMC II
    4. Mohit Gupta - UGD II
    5. Jagruti Agnihotri - MAMC II
    6. Shaifali Shukla - MAMC II
    7. Shubham Valmiki - BAMC II
    8. Kunal Raikwar - BAMC II
    9. Aadhya Rani - MAMC II
    10. Chetan - BAMC II
    11. Sahabiya Siddiqui - BAMC II
    12. Ravi Kumar BAMC II

    The 12 students will undergo a trial period of 15 days, after which there will be an evaluation done.

    There will be a meeting tomorrow of the entire IAAN TV Team with me at 9am in the College.

  • 10.03.2019 - General Elections 2019

    10.03.2019 - General Elections 2019

    No. ECI/PN/23/2019 Dated: 10th March, 2019





    The five-year term of the 16th Lok Sabha is due to expire on 03rdJune, 2019. Credible elections, conducted at regular prescribed intervals, are the very soul of any democratic system. Article 324 of the Constitution of India bestows the relevant powers, duties and functions upon the Election Commission of India while Section 14 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 provides for the conduct of the elections to constitute a new Lok Sabha before the expiry of its current term. Taking into account these Constitutional and legal provisions, the Election Commission of India has made comprehensive preparations for the conduct of elections to the 17th Lok Sabha in a free, fair and peaceful manner.

    1. Elections to the world’s largest democracy pose immense challenges with respect to logistics and man/woman and material management and Commission’s endeavour in this direction has been to consult all the stakeholders, invite inputs from all the relevant departments/ organizations and evolve a coordinated framework for smooth delivery of another round of General Elections.

    2. In the course of assessing various dimensions involved in holding elections to the 543 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) and, in particular, the parameters to be considered for their scheduling and phasing, the Election Commission of India has planned meticulously for each and every aspect of election much in advance to ensure that these elections are conducted in best professional manner.

       The Commission organized a series of meetings with the Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) of all the 36 States and Union Territories (UTs) to review all the aspects of election preparedness in all the States and UTs and accordingly, appropriate instructions were issued to the CEOs for ensuring efficient conduct of the elections.

       The Commission also held m e e t i n g with the Chief Secretaries, Directors General of Police, Home Secretaries, Chief Electoral Officers and Police Nodal Officers of all States and UTs on 21st, 22nd & 28thJanuary, 2019, to assess the overall law and order situation, ascertain State/ UT specific areas of concern, to deliberate on the quantum of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) required in each State/ UT and to review the overall preparedness of the election machinery. The cooperation of all authorities was sought for conducting free, fair and peaceful elections across the country, under the overall superintendence, direction and control of the Commission.

       The Commission has visited different States to review the poll preparedness. During these visits, the Commission interacted with political parties, enforcement agencies, all District officers, SSPs/SPs, Divisional Commissioners, Range IGs and Chief Secretaries, Home Secretaries, DGPs and other Senior officers of the States.

       The conduct of General Elections in the entire country requires considerable deployment of Central and State Police Forces to ensure peaceful, free, fair election with fearless participation of

    Electors, especially in the vulnerable areas/ pockets. Mobilization, deployment and disengagement of these forces with minimum criss cross movement and optimal utilization, involved complex planning and detailed analysis, carried out over several rounds of consultations with the senior officers of the Ministry of Home Affairs/ CAPFs/ Police Nodal Officers of the States/ UTs. The Commission also held discussions with the Union Home Secretary to highlight the areas of coordination for effective deployment of these forces.

    The Commission also held meeting with Railway and many others in regard to the specific requirements of special trains, including other logistics, for smooth and timely movement of CAPF Companies and other police forces across States/ UTs, including their intra-State shifting during the election period.

    Keeping in view the interests of the students and also the fact that Polling Stations are mostly located in school buildings and teachers are engaged as polling personnel, the Commission has consciously factored-in the examination schedules of various State Boards, including the Central Board of Secondary Education, in the process of finalizing the poll dates. In addition to this, other relevant factors like various holidays and festivals falling in the months of March, April and May, harvest season in certain parts of the country and the inputs obtained from the Indian Meteorological Department on the pre- monsoon rainfall, onset and spread of monsoon and acute hot weather conditions in certain parts of the country have also been taken into consideration. Thus, while deciding on the number of poll days for each State/ UT and the composition of the PCs that go to polls on a particular poll day, the Commission has, to the extent possible, taken all relevant aspects and information, related thereto, into view.

  • 11.05.19 - Farewell Party 2019

    11.05.19 - Farewell Party 2019

    Farewell Party 2019

    All Students are informed tha that the Farewell Party 2019 for Seniors will be held at the Moonshine Cafe & Bar, Hauz Khas Village from 4pm onwards.

    All students would have received their special invitations already, through the organising committee.

    Thank you.

  • 18.02.19 - News 18 INDIA – Live Studio Visits


    News 18 INDIA – Live Studio Visits


    This is to inform all students that starting next month, all students will be sent to News 18 Channel for live studio debates, every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm.

    News 18 INDIA will be hosting a Special Show titled Aar Paar & Hum to Puchenge, for live television debates starting in the month of March till General Elections 2019.

    The Show will have Political Representatives of National and State Parties having face-off discussions and the audience including IAAN students will be asking questions too.

    Pick and drop transport facility will be provided to the students from the College to News 18 Channel and back, along with refreshments.

    Channel:  News 18 INDIA
    Time:  7pm – 9pm LIVE


    This is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in live debate and discussion On Air on the General Elections 2019. This is a once in a generation election and many of the students will be first time voters!

    It is mandatory for students to attend. List of students will be announced shortly.


    Yours Sincerely,


    Meenakshi Kohli

    Manager Operations

  • 24/01/19 - Chinese Embassy Event

    24/01/19 - Chinese Embassy Event


    Student Volunteer list for PR and Event Management.

    1. Shweta

    2. Khushboo 

    3. Priya 

    4.Aastha singh

    5. Dheer

    6. Garima 

    7. Sachin sarthak 

    8. Tejasvi 

    9. Nisha

    10. Pradeep

    11. Surabhi 

    12. Shivam jha

    13. Mussadiq

    14. Pragya 

    15. Soumyadeep

    16. Eshanya

    17. Khushi

    18. Nandita


    Thank you



    This is to inform all students, that as the College had announced earlier, during the General Elections 2019, students will be going to NEWS 18 Studios every Wednesday in the evenings for a LIVE SHOW on Elections.

    Tomorrow there is a live debate program titled Aar Paar and Hum to Puchenge  

    After the Parliament Visit, all students will return back to the College and then go to News 18 Studios at 5:00pm.

    Pick and drop facility of the News 18 program will be from College, and there will be refreshments provided to the students in the Channel studios.

    Thank you

  • 26.03.19 - News Nation Conclave at Taj Hotel


    News Nation Conclave at Taj Hotel, New Delhi

    This is to inform all Campus Community, that IAAN Students have gone today for the News Nation Conclave, at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, India Gate.

    Senior Ministers of Political Parties will be present at the Conclave.

  • 26.03.19 - Parliament of India Visit

    Parliament of India Visit

    This is to inform all students, that there will be a visit to the Parliament of India tomorrow on behalf of the College.
    All students have to reach directly to the Parliament Complex by 12pm - 12:30pm.

    All students will wear official formal clothes. No bags, or any type of equipment or accessories will be allowed for security reasons. Students mobile phones will be collected by the College tomorrow and given back after the visits. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Parliament Complex.

    Students taking the metro, should exit from the Central Secretariat Gate no. 5.


    There are No Classes tomorrow.

    Thank you.

  • 28.03.2019 - NDTV Studio Visit

    Dear All,

    NDTV is very keen on inviting you to join us as a part of an interactive audience for the show “Muqabla”

     “Muqabla” is an interactive programme on NDTV India. The programme consists of over 60-70 people as audience from different walks of life, expressing their views on the subject of discussion for the week. There would be 4-5 panel members invited to the show who would help steer this discussion along with our anchor person Mr. Abhigyan Prakash.

    Details of the show are given below:

    Moderator : Abhyigyan Prakash                  Date : 29th March 2019 (Friday) Time : 4:30pm-6pm Venue : GK-1, Archana Shopping Complex, New Delhi 

    We would appreciate if you could join us for the show. Kindly send us the questions that you would like to bring out during the course of the show along with your confirmation for the talk show. Your positive and early response will help us to plan the talk show better. 

    Thanks and Regards,



  • 29.04.2019 - ZEE News Shoot at IAAN

    29.04.2019 - ZEE News Shoot at IAAN

    ZEE News Shoot at IAAN Today

    IAAN Will host ZEE News today for a Special Election Shoot on First Time Voters at 2:30pm.

    Students will participate in the Shoot and give their views on the Elections.




    IAAN is proud and privileged to announce that in continuance with our partnership with India TV, on 2nd May a Special Aap ki Adalat Program is being held in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, with Rajat Sharma Sir as the Host and Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi as the Guest .

    IAAN Students have the rare opportunity to attend this special show as Audiences and ask the Prime Minister Questions.!

As is the Tradition in Aap ki Adalat, Rajat Sir will be asking tough questions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and students can put forth their point of view as well.
    The Special Program will be held on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 3:30pm to 7:00pm. India TV will provide pick and drop facility to students from the College, and all students have to be present in the College by 2:30pm sharp. No late arrivals will be entertained.

    All students will be in formal clothes. Due to summer heat, do not wear coats or blazers. 

    All those students, who want to attend this Special Event, need to submit their names latest by tonight 10pm, in the student whatsapp groups.
    Please note, Original Aadhaar Card and Student ID Card is Compulsory for this Event due to Security Checks. Any student who does not have his or her original Aadhaar card or student ID card will not be allowed to attend. No digital copies of the Aadhaar will be accepted.

    This is a very special and prestigious event, with the Biggest Politician of the Country, and in the middle of General Elections 2019 !!! We therefore encourage all students to send in their names and participate in this event.

    Students should also note that if they send in their names, but then do not attend the event for whatever reason, will be blacklisted for the next semester.

    We wish all the students a best of luck for this event, and look forward to receiving your names by tonight 10pm.

    Thank you.

  • 4th Singapore Film Festival 2020 - 21.02.2020

    4th Singapore Film Festival 2020 - 21.02.2020

    4th Singapore Film Festival 2020

    Dear Students, 

    It is with pleasure we announce that, in partnership with the Embassy of Singapore, students from the College have the opportunity to attend the 4th Singapore Film Festival 2020 being held at Siri Fort Auditorium from 21st Feb - 23rd February.
    Special Films from Singapore will be showcased at the Festival. Details are attached below.

    In the future we will also be doing a photography event with the Singaporean Embassy which will be open to all students. Thus, a Special Digital Photography class is being held for First Year Students tomorrow under Barun Sinha Sir, so that he can explain the basic concepts and tell you all about Photography for this. 

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • Bharat Parv - India’s National Festival

    Bharat Parv - India’s National Festival

    Bharat Parv - India’s National Festival


    Dear Students,

    Bharat Parv is being held at the Red Fort this Year. Students can go attend the Bharat Parv on 31st January 2020. 

    Theme Pavilions of different States and Central Ministries, Cultural Programmes, Handicraft & Handloom stalls and food court will the attractions during Bharat Parv. In addition, the tableaux marching during the Republic Day parade at Rajpath will also be displayed at Bharat Parv for public viewing. Additional attraction during the parv will be band by armed forces. 

    Bharat Parv will remain open from 12.00 Hrs till 10.00 PM. Entry to the Parv is free, though the visitors will have to show their identity card for entering the Parv. 

    All students are encouraged to go attend the India’s Festival.!

    The Event Calender for the Parv is attached below.

    Thank You.

    Team IAAN

  • Coronavirus Special Student Newspaper Edition Released - 31.03.2020

    Dear All !

    We are pleased to release the CORONAVIRUS SARS-Cov-2 SPECIAL EDITION March 2020 !!

    Please go to the Newspaper Section in the Top Menu and Scan the QR Code Above to Get the E-Paper !





    Following the Directive Issued by the Government of NCT of Delhi — COLLEGE WILL BE CLOSED TILL 31st March 2020

    This is in light of the Covid 19 Pandemic

    Stay safe and Healthy.

    IAAN Management

  • Dated: 2/3/15- Iaan Crystal Anniversary Celebrations



    ISMC completed its 15 years of inception in the year 2015 and a huge fest cum celebration was held on 28 February, 2015 at Sri Sai Auditorium. The programme was covered by Zee Salaam and aired on the same channel.

    The honourable chief guest was Mr. B.K. Kuthiala, Vice Chancellor, MCRPV

    ♦ Various media and fashion colleges of NCR including Delhi University, participated,making the event a huge success.

    ♦ Iaan's souvenir was also released by Mr. B.K. Kuthiala at the occasion.

    ♦ The founder and Chairman of Prabhu Dayal Kasere Charitable Trust, Shri Dina Nath Kasere was also honoured at the occasion

  • Dated:16/3/16- Visit to Parliament

    Iaanians visited the Parliament on 15 March'16. 


  • Dated:17/8/15- Iaanians attended Singapore Film Festival

    Students of Iaan attended the prestigious Singapore Film Festival on 13th and 14th August' 2015 at Sri Fort Auditorium Complex.

  • Dated:18/9/15- MD's Dinner for Meritorious Iaanians

    MD's Dinner for meritorious Iaanians was held on 12 September'15 at Press Club of India.

    Meritorious Iaanians were awarded certificates and had a special dinner with MD. Mr.Anuj Garg and the management of Iaan.

  • Dated:2/5/16- Parliament: Participation in Lok Sabha TV Programs

    Iaanians participated in the Lok Sabha TV Programs @ Parliament on 30 April'16.

    The topic for the "Janpaksh" show was "Loktantra" and anchored by the famous journalist Mr. Ramveer.

    The topic for the "India Speaks" show was "Infrastructure- Urban Development"  and anchored by the famous journalist Mr. Anurag Punetha.

  • Dated:20/8/15- RJ Naved, 98.3 FM @ Iaan


    Famous RJ Naved of 98.3 FM visited Iaan on 20 August'2015, Thursday to interact and share his valuable experience with the freshers.

  • Dated:27/04/16- Seminar on "Truth & Media"

    MCRPV, IAAN and NISCORT organised the National Seminar on "Truth and Media" on 25-26 April'16.

    Various sessions included:

    • Absolute and Relative Truth
    • Multiple Paths to Find Truth
    • Journalism and Truthfulness
    • Components of Journalistic Truth
    • Wholistic Facts: Objectivity, Impartiality, Fairness and Balance
    • Good Journalistic Practices



  • Dated:6/6/16- Farewell Party 2016

    Iaanians bid adieu to their seniors, reviving the beautiful memories and wishing them good luck for their futures.

    The event was held on 5 June'16.

  • Debate on Shaheen Bhag Ongoing Protests - Tomorrow at News 18 - 19.02.2020

    Debate on Shaheen Bhag Ongoing Protests - Tomorrow at News 18


    Dear Students,


    This is to inform you all that a studio debate will be held at News 18 tomorrow on the issue of Shaheen Bagh and the ongoing protests. 


    Students will go for this event tomorrow after the first half class. Pick-up and Drop will be provided to and from the College. Snacks will be provided there. 


    This is a very important topic and we expect all students to participate. College ID Cards are mandatory.


    Team IAAN

  • DELHI ABOVE HATE — Capturing Harmony Photo Series - 02.03.2020

    DELHI ABOVE HATE — Capturing Harmony Photo Series - 02.03.2020

    DELHI ABOVE HATE — Capturing Harmony Photo Series

    Dear Students, Faculty, Parents, Staff and the Entire IAAN Community,

    As you are well aware, violence and riots have recently captured the streets of Delhi and instilled fear among the people of Delhi and a Nation. 
    Our City of Delhi is known for a lot of things - Beautiful Monuments, Seat of Political Power, Amazing Food, Love, Co-Existence and all the things that are good about India.

    It is not known for such hatred or scenes of violence. 

    Therefore to bring out a side of Delhi we have all thoroughly missed over the past few days, IAAN has shot a Specially Curated Photo Series Titled — Capturing Harmony

    Students from IAAN have conceptualised, participated and photographed this wonderful series highlighting the Love and Compassion we share for each other in our City.

    Curator: Priya Paul & Tejasvi PandeyEditor : Sandeep Sir
    Concept and Design : Team IAAN

    We hope you will all enjoy an alternative approach to the recent violence and spread awareness about Delhi’s true culture and cosmopolitan co-existence. Comments and critiques are most welcome!

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • Delhi Elections - Political Reporting

    Delhi Elections - Political Reporting


    As discussed with all of you and explained at the Semester Opening Session, there will be a Delhi Elections meeting tomorrow at 10:30am. Students should come prepared to begin outdoor reporting from tomorrow itself. You will all be divided into groups, and will work in groups.

    Each group will have to present the work they have done during the Elections in front of the entire College. So be prepared.
    Bring your water bottles, backpacks, wear comfortable and warm clothes so that you go for reporting from tomorrow itself. 

    Best of Luck! We will have a detailed meeting on Delhi Elections tomorrow.

    Team IAAN

  • Delhi Elections - Working with Political Parties

    Delhi Elections - Working with Political Parties


    As discussed in the Semester Opening Session, we plan on placing students with different political parties for the Delhi Elections as part of your practical Understanding of Political Campaigns and Training. 

    Therefore, all students should submit their names in the whatsapp groups with the names of the political parties they want to work with for the Delhi Elections. 

    For example, if Student X wants to work with AAP for the Delhi Elections - they should submit Student X - AAP in the whatsapp groups.

    All students should submit their names  in the whatsapp groups by today evening 6pm. 

    We will start the placement process after monday’s meeting at 11am. 

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • Face to Face with MD Session Tomorrow - 27.02.2020

    Face to Face with MD Session Tomorrow

    This is to inform all students that a Face-to-Face with MD Session will be held tomorrow from 12:30pm onwards. 

    Important Announcements and events will be discussed. It is compulsory for all students to be present.

    MD Sir will be interacting with Students and taking the Session.

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • Holi Event and Holidays in the College on 7th March 2020

    Holi Event and Holidays in the College

    This is to inform all Faculty that a Special Holi Event and Festival will be held for all Faculty and Students on Saturday, 7th March 2020 at 12pm in the afternoon. 

    Faculty, Staff and students will be celebrating Holi Together as always. There will be colors, balloons, thandai and snacks for all students. 
    We Welcome All Faculty To Attend Holi Festival At the College.

    After the Holi Event, College will be closed from 9 March - 11 March 2020 for the Holidays. 

    Normal classes will resume from Friday, 12 March 2020.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Team IAAN

  • IAAN Express April 2020 Special Covid-19 Edition 10.04.2020

    IAAN Express April 2020 Special Covid-19 Edition


    Dear IAAN Community,


    We are extremely Proud to Present the IAAN Express April 2020 Special Covid-19 Edition !!


    This Edition would not have been possible without the contribution of Staff and the IAAN Express Student team members and their hard work. 


    This Edition is being released today, across all mediums and is available here for you all to read ! Simply visit the Newspaper Tab on the top menu and scan the qr code to find the latest edition on your mobile phones and laptops!


    Thank you.


    Best Regards,


    Team IAAN Express

  • Radio Festival 2020 in Collaboration with UNESCO - 11.02.2020

    Radio Festival 2020 in Collaboration with UNESCO - 11.02.2020

    Radio Festival 2020 in Collaboration with UNESCO, United Nations India Tomorrow

    On the Occasion of World Radio Day Tomorrow, and in Collaboration with UNESCO, United Nations India - IAAN will be participating in The Radio Festival, at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Rajpath tomorrow in the Evening.  
    Classes are as per schedule tomorrow. 

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN VISIT - 0n 26th March 2020

    RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN VISIT - 0n 26th March 2020


    Notice issued on 03.03.2020

    Dear Students,

    As you were all informed by MD Sir recently, the College will be going on an Official Visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the last week of March 2020.

    This is a very Prestigious and High-Level Segment Event. Rashtrapati Bhavan is the Iconic Symbol of India’s Political Democracy and the College is proud that we take students there for a Visit each year. 

    The Slots allotted to us by Rashtrapati Bhavan are Limited. Hence we have created a list of 46 students.

    The Selection Criteria is : 1.  Attendance in Theory Classes2. Attendance in Practical Classes3. Participation in College Events and Activities
    Students who have a minimum attendance of 50% in the total of these three criteria are selected. 

    The list of students is attached below.

    If any of the students cannot visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan during the last week of March 2020 for any reason, inform us now. We will allot your slot to another student. 

    Remember, if a student okays his name for the visit and fails to show up for the Rashtrapati Bhavan Visit, he will be blacklisted immediately.

    This is a Formal and Privileged Event. We do not want any slots to be wasted.

    We will confirm this List by 11am tomorrow. If any student is unable to attend, inform us now. 

    Thank you.

    Team IAAN

  • University Holidays amid the Covid-19 Health Epidemic

    As per Orders from the Government of India, the University has Declared Holidays amid the ongoing Covid-19 Health Epidemic globally. 


    All Semester Academic Activiities are suspended until further orders.