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Symbolising Innovation and Integrity, Accessibility and Acceptability, Novelty and Neutrality 

IAAN TV is amongst the Nation's first Electronic Mass Media Channels dedicated to social empowerment through education and information.

IAAN TV is the first and perhaps the only Edutainment Channel in the country to have tele-classrooms for students of Mass Communication and youth.



Our Aim is Sensibility and Sensitivity, Not Sensationalism

We firmly believe that our channel will have a very special place in the bouquet of innumerable other channels as our focus is on women, children, health, education and the social sector.

With so much negativism on our TV screens, a POSITIVE channel is much needed and indeed required. That is where IAAN TV Steps in.

We believe in flowing against the tide. While other channels are convinced that it is the negative and sensational that promises to grab more eyeballs, we believe that reaching the heart is more important, and also more effective, than grabbing eyeballs. We are determined to highlight all positive efforts.

"Let our children's careers, dreams and aspirations not interfere with their education"

As our focus is an all round development of their personalities, there will be a number of awareness programmes in very interactive, informal and entertaining formats.


IAAN TV Interviewing Ambassadors in New Delhi 

South African Ambassador to India (Right) |  European Union Ambassador to India (Left)

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IAAN TV Teams over the Years



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