Merit-cum-means Scholarship for Semester ending May 2019


As per Trust Scholarship Notification dated 23.02.2019, IAAN School students were invited to submit scholarship applications in the prescribed format for Award-cum-means Scholarships to deserving students.

A total of 04 Scholarships were available for the January–July 2019 Semester, One each for the following batches:

  1. MAMC II 
  2. BAMC IV
  3. BAMC II – Delhi Batch
  4. BAMC II – Gwalior Batch

As per the Meeting of the Education Committee of the Trust on 20 March 2019, 25% of the Semester Fees has been approved by the Committee as Scholarship Awardwith the adjustment of any amount already relaxed and approved at the time of admission of the candidate.


Therefore accordingly, Scholarships for January–July 2019 Semester have been awarded to the following students:

 1.       MAMC II  - Rathod Chhagansing Charansing

 2.     BAMC IV – Shivam Mathuria

 3.     BAMC II – Dheer Sen

The following students will be issued Scholarship cheques from the Trust in a Scholarship Ceremony.


 It may be noted, that scholarship application of 1 student, Sarthak Gupta (BAMC IV), was rejected due to in-valid documentation.

New Scholarships will be announced for the August – December 2019 Semester in the beginning of the New Academic Session 2019 – 2020 in August 2019. Students who receive a scholarship this Semester, will have to apply again for their Scholarships to continue in the Next Semester as per the required rules and guidelines.