Open Book Examinations



Dear Students, 

 As you are aware, the Honorable Supreme Court has in its judgement dated 28.08.2020 declared that examinations are mandatory for Final Semester Students. Following UGC Guidelines, the College has been preparing for examinations for some time now, and after the clear decision, we are announcing Examinations for Diploma batches. Due to Covid-19, this year’s examinations will be flexible and different from the standard examinations as a 1 time special measure. 

The Guidelines for Final Semester Diploma Examinations are as follows:

1.         The Examinations will be Online. No student of PGD II or UGD II will have to come to the College for the Exams. 


2.         Exams will be held towards the end of September 2020 giving all Diploma students ample time to prepare and revise their syllabus. Exam timetable will be released in the coming days.


3.      The Exam Format will be Open Book

Meaning, the Examination Paper will be given to you, and you can refer to the internet, google, books and your class notes to answer the questions.

After a set time, each student will be responsible for sending his or her answer sheets through online means only. Examination duration will be declared with the exam timetable in the coming days.


4.      E-mail and WhatsApp will be the Designated medium for Exams

Question Papers will be sent via both e-mail and whatsapp to students. The students can submit their answer sheets within the time allotted on either e-mail or on an Official Whatsapp Number which will be provided separately.

This will solve the connectivity issues students residing in low network areas are facing. 

Please Note - WhatsApp is being used in an exceptional case as an examination medium, after thoroughly analyzing the experience of Delhi University Students in the recently held DU Open Book Exams. We do not want any student to suffer due to lack of internet connectivity. Since each student of the Diploma batches (PGD II and UGD II) is on the College Official WhatsApp Group since the time of their admission, this is a reliable, tested and trusted medium of communication. Putting all students on an equal footing.


5.         Examinations will be in both English and Hindi. Students can also write their answers in either English or Hindi


6.         Students can physically write their answers on sheets of paper and send us scanned copies or good quality photographs of their answer sheets. This will be allowed.

Or students can type their answers on whatsapp and send 1 single message containing all the answers to the designated whatsapp number with their name and batch.

Or students can email us the answer sheets in .dox or .pdf formats.

Please Note - This measure will help solve the problem of such students who do not have a laptop or computer at home. And rely solely on their mobile phones.


7.         In view of the mental stress and unprecedented situation that students are under due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Flood Situation in home states and state or district level Lockdowns —10% Grace Marks will be given to each student.


8.         All Online Classes that were held during this semester have already been uploaded on YouTube and are accessible on the IAAN TV YouTube Page. Students can refer to them as an important revision tool.


9.         Examination Fee of Rs. 750/- is applicable for each student as per rules and regulations. Students can submit the exam fees directly to the College through online payment methods.


10.       Students will have the option to take Revaluation Exams on a later date, physically in the College Campus once the pandemic situation normalizes, if they are dissatisfied with the Marks they obtain in the Open Book Examinations.


We hope these measures will ensure a just and equal examination setting for all students.

We have reached the above guidelines after thoroughly considering all options. The Guidelines have been formulated keeping the best interests of students in mind, while at the same time maintaining Academic Integrity.

Thank you.


Ayush Garg

Associate Director