A Note to Faculty

Dear Faculty,

As you are all seeing, the Country and the World are going through Unprecedented Times. As we fight the Coronavirus as a Nation, we hope that all of you are safe and healthy. 

We wanted to inform you about the current updates from the College :

1. The College Premises and Hostel are Physically Closed in compliance of the Orders of the Government of Delhi. We request that all Faculty may please reach out to us on WhatsApp for any queries or questions regarding the College.

2. ONLINE EDUCATION MODULES STARTED ON 18.03.2020 We are Proud to Announce that within days of physically closing down the College as per Govt. Orders, The College Initiated Online Education Modules for all students, so that we can continue their Education in these times of crises. 
Since Last Week, the IAAN Divisions, TV, Express, Radio and Production have been continuously Operational and teaching All students.

3.  College Students Safely back at their Homes Through quick and Immediate Action, we have ensured that our student community had ample time to get back to their homes and to the safety of their Parents. This has helped put the minds of our students and their parents at ease and they are now fully concentrating on the Online Modules.

4.  First Coronavirus Briefing was Held at the College in the 3rd Week of February 2020 - We were amongst the first Colleges in Delhi to raise awareness about the coronavirus amongst our students and accurately informed them of the looming threat. Even when the students went home for Holi, we ensured a proper guidance was given on the do’s and dont’s of physical contact during the Holidays.

Since that time Multiple Meetings were held to discuss the situation as it evolved at the College.

5.  ASSIGNMENTS THROUGH DIGITAL MEDIUMS - students in all Divisions are submitting videos, pictures, articles, write-ups and essays on the work given to them. Their questions and problems are being solved in realtime.

It is our Hope that we will be able to Guide our Students to the best of our Abilities during this crisis period. When the need arises, we may humbly reach out to you all for your help in educating our students Online.

I am proud that the Entire Batches of UGD II, PGD II, BAMC II, BAMC IV and MAMC II have chosen to participate in the Online Education Modules.

Thank you.


Best Regards,


Ayush Garg

 Associate Director