Dear Faculty,

We hope you have all had a great Holiday period and are well. Below are few important announcements for the Academic Semester January - May 2020 .

1. The College Officially re-opened on 28th January 2020 with a Semester Opening Session being held for all batches.

2. For the first week of the College, from 28 Jan - 3 Feb 2020, instead of holding regular classes, Special Political Reporting and Election Coverage activities and outdoor shoots for Delhi Elections are being organised. As a Media College, it is extremely important that our young journalism students experience and participate in the Election process instead of just watching it on TV. 

For this we have organised special student teams who will go and cover different election rallies, roadshows, press conferences, candidates and the like. We have organised these events keeping the safety and security of all students in mind.

3. An important Semester Orientation will be held on 3rd February, Monday for the Entire College. Regular Classes will begin shortly thereafter.

4. IAAN recently professionally covered an International Exhibition of the French Embassy in India, showcasing french artists and their unique work. The French Minister of Culture, French Ambassador, Indian Union Minister for Culture and other Dignitaries graced the Occasion.

5. Students will be going to attend the Bharat Parv - India’s Festival - which is being held at the Red Fort on 31st January.

6. This Semester, Special Drone Classes will be organised for all batches, where-in expert Drone Operators will be coming to teach students on how to shoot on drones. 

7. Special Journalistic Movies will be screened every week in the College in this Semester, in the newly created Movie Theatre, to help immerse our students in the field as well as show them the creativity and possibilities of the field.

8. A special National Geographic Seminar will be held in the College in this Semester for all students — under the on-going National Geographic Photo Book Project.

9. This Semester we will be introducing a New Academic Course titled - Disaster Reporting which will be for the senior student batches. As Climate Change events increase in frequency leading to regular widespread devastation, this course will deal with the practicalities, hardships, safety guidelines, ethics and journalistic standards of reporting in disaster zones. 

10. Last Year, we had a very successful Fashion Show at Eros Hotel with our partners. This Semester we plan on doing a Fashion Walk and Shoot at Lodhi Gardens - titled Fashion under the Embrace of Heritage

Please Note: All Regular Classes, IAAN Divisions, Seminars, Activities, Studio Visits, Celebrity Visits, Special Guest Lectures, Embassy Events and the like will continue as before. These will be informed about at regular intervals.

We hope, that with the Classes, Divisions, Activities and much more all mapped out, this will be a full Semester with many exciting days! We look forward to working with all of you in this. The College is always open to any suggestions or new activities that we may have missed.

Please feel free to reach out to us for the same.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ayush Garg

Associate Director