National Education Policy 2020

Dear Students,

After 34 long years, India now has a new National Education Policy! The College welcomes NEP 2020 and is proud to have been a part of this journey. 

As an Institution, we have been gearing up for this Policy change since 2019 and it is heartening to see that our ethos of Practical Education has been implemented on a national level now, with more and more focus going towards Practical skills training, which is a hallmark of IAAN’s Education. We are delighted that new specialised domains of Artificial Intelligence and New Media Technologies have been incorporated in NEP 2020. IAAN has been teaching Artificial Intelligence to students since 2017, full three years ahead of the National Education Policy!! We had also started work with students (specially first years) on the New Media Technology Modules (such as Uber Helicopter - New Urban Transport System) in February 2020 but that was interrupted due to Covid-19. We will resume this Module as soon as the College physically re-opens.

IAAN is all set for a new chapter in India’s Education to begin. And this upcoming Semester will be an amazing one, for now we can innovate like never before.

Thank you.

Ayush Garg

Associate Director