Mr. P.K. Bandopadhyay (Former Principal)

"Knowledge is power, knowledge is light and knowledge is the best gift to give to dear ones."

My over a decade’s close association with ISMC as its Principal has been a rewarding experience for me as many students from different parts of India passed out of the institute with confidence and fortitude to be able to join many top media houses in the country.

I also enjoyed the healthy confidence and cooperation from the Management of the Institute. I sincerely wish greater success of the institute in the coming years and bright career for all its students.

Mr Ved Prakash

Even a thousand miles journey begins with one step. And that rare of the rarest  one step was forwarded by a visionary per excellence, Mr. Anuj Garg, some fifteen years ago. And there has been no looking back ever since.

The saga of this magnificent journey of fifteen years with glorious medows, sometimes dotted with deserts too, has been of mutual trust, faith, confidence, conviction and promise, fulfilling so many lofty dreams of many a budding journalists. And today hundreds and hundreds of Iaanians are working with top media groups of the country.

And still the going is strong. And so I'm reminded of of the great Robert Frost's immortal lives :

" The woods are lovely donk and deep

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep..."


Kyunki picture abhi baaki hai…

Mrs. Manjari Joshi

Iaan was started with an objective of providing quality professional education.

Iaan is pursuing a rigorous discipline and innovative approach and is associated with many agencies in propagating various social causes.

I am happy to be a part of their endeavour. I wish Iaan a happy Crystal Anniversary.

Mr. Anil Thakur

ISMC has completed 17 years and it has achieved a Prestige in Academic Field during the period. 

I have seen many students passing out from here equipped with all the academic and practical training which are necessary for the Industry. This the reason why many of them joined Prestigious Media Organisations. 

I congratulate IAAN on being able to stand out in the competitive market. Wishing a very happy future for this Institution.

Mr. Arif Jamal Siddiqui

I feel proud to be associated with IAAN for the last 12 years. IAAN is making sincere efforts to shape up the future of the young talent in the Country with the perfect blend of Ethical Values and Modern Equipments.
Teaching at IAAN have always been a pleasure because we have a very free atmosphere.
Lecturers interact with students in very frank and friendly manner. All the sessions have been very interesting.
It is really fantastic to see the dreams of our students come true with our hard word and the help of IAAN's Placement Team. Our students are placed in every Reputed Media House which is a matter of pride for all of us. IAAN is a stepping stone for the majority of our Alumni. Our students are earning name and fame not only for themselves but also for the institution. 

I congratulate IAAN for successfully completing 17 Glorious years in Media Education. 

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jha

I have very nice experience teaching at IAAN.

The students here get all the means for learning and the faculty here are all Professionals.

The Institution is a Great Platform for those who want to study Mass Communication and want take it up as their Career.

I'm glad to be a part of this Institution and to contribute towards the enhancement of Students.

Mr. Atul Mishra

IAAN School of Mass Communication has been a fountain of knowledge, which has played a significant role in imparting quality education and helped children in developing their intellectual faculties. In an era, when journalism, the fourth pillar of democracy is being accused of shedding objectivity, I can proclaim that IAAN since its inception has been true to its principles and never compromised on the quality of education. The institution has given birth to hundreds of journalists, who can excel in the profession, serve the society and play important role in nation building while being free from any kind of subjectivity.

I feel proud to be a part of this institution, synonymous with academic excellence and keep up the faith in the pious tradition that instill the unmatched spirit of journalism in young talents. Wishing all the Good Luck for its future ahead.

Mrs. Poonam Khurana

One of the main reasons for Iaan’s success is its quality training which is a combination of required professional and technical skills of media arena. Iaan has highly experienced, qualified and skilled faculty members which make it possible to achieve its zenith in quality education. The projects given to students are highly career oriented so that they create their niche in the competitive world of media. 
Iaan prepares every student to be Career-Ready at the end of their course terms that most colleges fail to do. All kind of national and international media exposure is provided to students.
I immensely appreciate the efforts of MD, Sir Mr. Anuj Garg and Dean, Ms Vandana Singh for making Iaan one of the best Institutes for Media and Journalism Studies. All the very best to a great organization and its students for a great journalistic career.

Mr. Himanshu Dabral

IAAN School of Mass Communication has been no less than the Bodhi Tree, for the immense wisdom it has rooted in my journey to intellectual and social salvation. Mass Communication and Media Institutions have lost their craze, within a decade of their upsurge. But, I can proclaim the unchanging spirit of imparting education, that IAAN has possessed since its inception, giving birth to hundreds of young talents and professionals working in mainstream media in real spirit and fervour. 

I am blessed to be a part of its academia and keep up the faith in the pious tradition that drive the unmatched spirit of journalism in young talents. Wishing all the Good Luck for its future ahead.

Mrs. Swati Singh

"IAAN's foundation is built on trust, great values and passion towards nurturing knowledge . Associated with it for the last 6 years I have traveled a journey of well-being, growth and learning, this great organisation deserves due respect for churning out some of the best professionals for industry,I wish all the best to a great Institution like IAAN."

Mr. Paras Chauhan

ISMC is one of the best journalism institutes in Delhi. Its objective has been to provide high quality media education to students to make them quality media professionals. Students of Iaan are doing well in the media world and I feel very proud to be associated with the faculty of this prestigious institute.

My best wishes with Iaan.


Niranjan Mishra

"जिसने मेरी प्रतिभा को तराशने का मंच दिया ,

 जहाँ मिलता मेरी हर समस्या का निदान है 

ज्ञान के कपाट जहाँ हम सब के लिए खुलते हैं,

मेरे पथ का प्रदर्शक वो IAAN मेरी शान है  |" 


उस IAAN की सफलता के 17 सालो को दिल से सलाम

जहाँ गुरुजन हर विदयार्थी के मानस पटल पर पड़े अज्ञान 

के परदे को हटाकर उसे ज्ञान पुंज से प्रकाशित करते हैं 

और जहाँ प्रबंधन से जुड़े सभी लोग छात्रों को पारिवारिक माहौल मुहैया करते हैं | 

Shilpa Jhingan

Studying M.A in Mass Communication at IAAN has taught me multi-dynamic things. The Course has taught me a lot on how to think creatively and act professionally in solving problems as well as coming up with new ideas. I’ve learnt many invaluable design and production skills.

In particular, I enjoyed making a documentary in my second year, where I worked behind the camera as a Co-Director and Camera-Woman. The projects given during the course were very helpful in preparing the students for the next step after finishing the degree. We also had the chance to try our hand at editing in Adobe Premier. The Mass communication program that IAAN provides has modules such as graphic design,web design, journalism and film studies which raise the institution to a higher pedestal. Every module of the course equipped me with invaluable skills and extensive knowledge needed for the working world that lay ahead of me. Personally, it’s given me a greater understanding of the media world and the ethics involved with television and broadcasting.

It was not just the assignments and deadlines but the discipline, motivation and passion for each module on the Mass Communication course that I found was up to excellence in innovative pedagogy.

The faculty members go out of their way to help everyone. I cannot describe the teaching as any less than five stars. The Professors found time outside the classroom to assist with anything the students were struggling to understand. Thanks to the dedicated team at IAAN for their immense help and support.

The state-of-the-art facilities at IAAN are amazing. The support I received was of an extremely high standard which was a big help. Currently, I work as a Content Developer (English Language Specialist) at Oxford University Press.

Good luck to all embarking on a journey in the field of media – I am sure, with IAAN you'll come out so much better off!

Priyanka Kapoor

I am an Alumni of IAAN, 2011 - 2013 Batch.

Being an IAANIAN, I have a big bang speech to thank my College. I have spent 3 beautiful years of my life at IAAN. I have not only earned knowledge but I am privileged that today I am a confident person to stand in front of 100 to lakhs of people.

It’s all because of the blessings from the faculty members. Today I believe in myself and I’m leading an ambitious life. Thank you IAAN for each and everything. Keep going IAAN . I wish to celebrate the next 100 years with you.

Prabhat Kumar


Ambrish Pandey

It is a matter of immense pleasure that Iaan is going to organize a grand ceremony to celebrate successful accomplishment of 15 glorious years. I am really grateful to you for providing such a rare and golden opportunity to the pass out students to cherish their memories and exchange views. I shall be attending the program positively.

Shivendra Singh

Thanks for invitation. Mujhe khushi hai ki IAAN ne 15 saal poore kiye. Aasha hai ki aage bhi yeh jaari rahega aur apni seva deta rahe ga.

Akhilesh Mishra

For me, Iaan was never a college. Rather it was like my home. Delighted to hear that our institute is organizing a grand fest.

Bhupendra Bashera

Pranaam Sir, ye mukaam haaasil karne ke liye aapko bahut- bahut badhaai. Mujhe garv hai ki main bhi iss sansthaan ka ek hissa hun.

Swati Dey

I express my wish to be a part of the 15 years accomplishment ceremony of IAAN and for all future events as it will be an honour to be a part of IAAN’s journey, from where I’d started mine.

Rahat Ahmed Khan

I congratulate Iaan and your efforts to bring this institution to such respected esteemed position. Iaan has framed my personality and my mind throughout my student life. I appreciate the alumni meet and would definitely like to meet my mentors and mates.