Weekly Update

1. A Face-to-Face with MD Session was held with all students recently and 2 IAAN Alumni - Ankesh Ojha and Priya Raj participated in the Session and interacted with Students

2. University Exams results for Last Semester were discussed and the re-evaluation forms were processed for concerned students. The University Exam result has been positive for the overall college and on average students have preformed quite well.

3. A New Class on Disaster Reporting commenced and is being taught by Vivek Bhatnagar Sir.

4. A New Special Seminar Class on New Media Technologies has been introduced for all students to teach them the ins and outs of Digital and Social Media Technologies

5. MD’s Dinner will be held for Meritorious Students of the Last Semester on 6th March, at The Suryaa Hotel - NFC

6. A Holi Program will be held in the College on 7th March 2020 at 12pm for all students, faculty and staff at the College

7. Students from IAAN in an extremely special opportunity met with the Chief Photographers for Reuters India - Danish Siddiqui Sir, and understood the dynamics of covering the Delhi Riots from an on-field experienced journalist of the highest calibre. Reuters India has shot iconic photographs of the Delhi Riots which have been carried globally.

8. A Special Photo-Shoot was organised at Humayun’s Tomb for IAAN Students under the ongoing National Geographic Photo Book Project. Wonderful photographs have come out from this shoot. 

9. A Mini Photo Series titled *Capturing Harmony was also shot at Humayun’s Tomb - with a focus on spreading a message of peace and love under the shadow of the Delhi Riots.*

10. A special shoot will take place at the Purana Qila on the 5th of March — for IAAN Students, covering Heritage in Delhi.

11. Students will be going for a Special and High-Level Visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan after the Holi Holidays towards the end of March.

Criteria for selection for the students for the visit would be regular attendance in the College and participation in classes.

Thank you.