January - June 2020


Dear Students,

As you are well aware, College had transitioned into ONLINE Education Mode from 18 March 2020, before the National Lockdown was announced by the Honourable Prime Minister. 

In this Semester we have provided Students with :

1. More than 160 Practical IAAN Division Classes (during the Lockdown Period 1, 2, 3 and 4). That is 66 IAAN TV, 58 IAAN Express and 38 IAAN Radio. Hundreds of Videos produced by IAAN TV, 5 full length detailed Editions of RNI Registered Newspaper IAAN Express, 80 Special links and 15 Special Radio shows by IAAN Radio.

2. More than 50 Theory Classes (including Classroom Education and Online Zoom classes) for students. And classes are still going on.

3. More than 12 Activities were organised, before the Delhi Government Order dated 12.03.2020 followed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India Orders, made it mandatory for all Colleges and Universities to shut down.

4. Since 4 April 2020, College also implemented Special Online SWAYAM Classes under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the UGC MOOC’s for students.

5. At least 8 Important University Online Seminars were held for students with Honourable Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Newly Appointed Vice-Chancellor of Makhanlal University and Vice-Chancellors of other Universities organised by MCRPV.


The College is here and has always been there for all students.


Thank you.