01.02.19 - Semester Begins on 04.02.2019

Semester Opening Orientation & Face to Face with MD

This is to inform all students that the College will start from 4th February, Monday for this Semester. 

All Students are informed that on 5th February, 2018 at 11am, a Special Semester Opening Orientation and Face to Face with MD Seminar will be held at the College.

It is Compulsory for all students to attend.

MD Sir will be giving the Semester Guideline and Announcing important decisions. This is going to be a very important and busy semester, and students who miss the Seminar will loose out on multiple opportunities. 


03.02.19 - Doordarshan Internship


DD Assignments Available to Students

Please read the DD Notice sent in student Official Groups Carefully and fill in the Online Application Form in the PDF Link



DD News invites online application from eligible candidates for being empanelled as casual assignees (Maximum 7 days/assignment in a month)

The candidates will be eligible to be retained in panel upto an age of 65 years for non- presenters and 60 years for presenters.

The age of the candidate shall be determined on closing date of submission of application. Candidate possessing required qualifications will be called for selection process.

The Selection process may consist of several steps – skill test / written test / personality test and / or screen test depending upon the category as deemed feasible.

Candidates Shortlisted will called for next stage of selection process.
The selection will be done through constituted selection committee.

The bookings of empanelled candidates shall be done strictly on daily/assignment basis (not exceeding seven per month) and payment shall be made as per Prasar Bharati instructions. Empanelment confers no right to be called for regular bookings or any right/advantage for the


(Akhlesh Sharma) Dy. Director (HR)

Click Here to Apply Online

04.02.19 - British Embassy Scholarship Grant



British Council Grant Scholarship for Interested Students!

Students should read the attached pdf document carefully and apply online accordingly.


Do you have a creative idea on the future of the web and how to connect people through digital art? We want to support the best proposals, up to a maximum grant of 40,000 GBP (or equivalent in Indian rupees). 

To mark the 30th anniversary of the web in March 2019, the British Council in India would like to explore our changing concept of connection by supporting digital culture projects inspired by how the web has connected us and exploring what it could do for us in the future. We would like to use the opportunity of this milestone to explore what artists and art of tomorrow look like through digital creativity.

Proposals designed to be inclusive will be prioritised. By this we mean projects which celebrate diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity and freedom of expression. At the heart of projects should be artistic experiences that can show collaboration between India and the UK. As the world wide web was created to allow for equal access and for people to connect, learn and have more opportunities. Our open call wishes to honour this motto.

Themes the call seeks to address

Projects can connect broadly to the thematic of the celebration of the creation of the world wide web and address as many of the points below as possible:

  • Have artistic creativity, connection, culture and collaboration at their heart.
  • Connecting people and providing access to information and conversations through artistic digital experiences – i.e. projects might look at what the artist of tomorrow is; crowd sourced experiences; explore themes such as data collection or privacy; changing communication such as social media and how we interact with one another digitally etc. 
  • Explore how we can make the web more inclusive through artistic platforms, looking especially at equal economic access or access to digital connectivity for women and girls for example. 
  • Be intended for an audience primarily in India but with potential to reach beyond.
  • Have demonstrable potential to achieve large digital reach and engagement across the web. 
  • Have a particular emphasis on cross hardware engagement from desktop to smartphone - thus allowing for multiple types of interaction and activity - from accessing the projects in the public space or on the go. 
  • Promote greater social inclusion and cohesion.
  • Respond clearly to the aims and outcomes in the background section below.

In order to be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be based in India or the UK.
  • Have a track record of developing artistic digital projects or experiences that demonstrate strong impact and have successfully reached new audiences.
  • Demonstrate innovation in previous work whether in technology or in engagement with audiences.
  • Have clear benefit to India – We are looking for projects that focus on audiences in India and can deliver developmental outcomes in India.


Merit-cum-means Scholarship for Semester ending May 2019


As per Trust Scholarship Notification dated 23.02.2019, IAAN School students were invited to submit scholarship applications in the prescribed format for Award-cum-means Scholarships to deserving students.

A total of 04 Scholarships were available for the January–July 2019 Semester, One each for the following batches:

  1. MAMC II 
  2. BAMC IV
  3. BAMC II – Delhi Batch
  4. BAMC II – Gwalior Batch

As per the Meeting of the Education Committee of the Trust on 20 March 2019, 25% of the Semester Fees has been approved by the Committee as Scholarship Awardwith the adjustment of any amount already relaxed and approved at the time of admission of the candidate.


Therefore accordingly, Scholarships for January–July 2019 Semester have been awarded to the following students:

 1.       MAMC II  - Rathod Chhagansing Charansing

 2.     BAMC IV – Shivam Mathuria

 3.     BAMC II – Dheer Sen

The following students will be issued Scholarship cheques from the Trust in a Scholarship Ceremony.


 It may be noted, that scholarship application of 1 student, Sarthak Gupta (BAMC IV), was rejected due to in-valid documentation.

New Scholarships will be announced for the August – December 2019 Semester in the beginning of the New Academic Session 2019 – 2020 in August 2019. Students who receive a scholarship this Semester, will have to apply again for their Scholarships to continue in the Next Semester as per the required rules and guidelines.

30.03.19 - India Elections 2019: Journalist Safety Kit

India Elections 2019: Journalist Safety Kit

The Committee to Protect Journalists’ Emergencies Response Team (ERT) has compiled a Safety Kit for journalists covering the elections. It contains information for editors, reporters, and photojournalists on how to prepare for the election, and how to mitigate digital, physical and psychological risk.

India is scheduled to hold national and provincial elections from April 11 to May 19, 2019. As the country celebrates over 70 years of democracy, journalists are under pressure from attacks, harassment, cyber bullying, and government restrictions. At least five journalists were killed in relation to their work in India in 2018, including four who were mur- dered, according to CPJ research.

CPJ’s Emergencies Response Team (ERT) has compiled a Safety Kit for journalists covering the elections. It contains information for editors, reporters, and photojournalists on how to prepare for the election, and how to mitigate digital, physical and psychological risk.

Journalists requiring assistance can contact CPJ’s ERT program via or CPJ’s Asia program via research associate Aliya Iftikhar at or India correspondent Kunal Majumder at

CPJ’s Journalist Security Guide has additional information on basic preparedness and assessing and responding to risk. CPJ’s resource center has additional information and tools for pre-assignment preparation and post-incident assistance.


05.05.19 - Scholarships by French Embassy in India
05.05.19 - Scholarships by French Embassy in India

Scholarships by French Embassy in India

This is to inform all students that the French Embassy in India is offering Scholarships for students for higher education. Please read the attached Scholarship Posters carefully and Apply Online.

If students need any help in this process, they are always welcome to come meet the College Management.
Thank you.

07.05.19 - Press Council of India Internships

Press Council of India Internships

This is to inform All Diploma and Master Students that the Press Council of India is starting Summer Internship Program for Mass Communication Students.

Only Diploma and Masters Students can Apply as the Internship starts on 3rd June 2019.

The last day for students to submit their internship applications is 17th May 2019.

Students can pick up the physical internship forms at the College Front Office. 

Thank you.

Happy New Year ! The College will reopen on 28th January, 2020
Happy New Year ! The College will reopen on 28th January, 2020

Happy New Year ! The College will reopen on 28th January, 2020

Dear Students,

We hope your exams are going well. We would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! 

We also want to inform all of you that the College will re-open for the Next Semester on 28th January, 2020. Students who are travelling can make their plans accordingly. 

Have a fun Winter Vacations (after your exams)! And come prepared for the next Semester. We have many things planned. 

Thank you.


Semester Opening Session 27.01.2020

Semester Opening Session 27.01.2020

Dear Students,

We hope you all had wonderful holidays. As you are all well aware, the College begins tomorrow! We will be holding a Semester Opening Session at 11am tomorrow in the College Studio. We expect all students to attend.

This Session will lay the groundwork for the coming Semester and give you your Academic, Divisions and Activity Timetables.
Its an Important Session therefore All Students should send in their confirmation of attendance in the WhatsApp groups, so that necessary arrangements may be made.

Thank You.


COLLEGE NOW OPEN - SPRING SEMESTER Jan - May 2020 - Faculty Message


Dear Faculty,

We hope you have all had a great Holiday period and are well. Below are few important announcements for the Academic Semester January - May 2020 .

1. The College Officially re-opened on 28th January 2020 with a Semester Opening Session being held for all batches.

2. For the first week of the College, from 28 Jan - 3 Feb 2020, instead of holding regular classes, Special Political Reporting and Election Coverage activities and outdoor shoots for Delhi Elections are being organised. As a Media College, it is extremely important that our young journalism students experience and participate in the Election process instead of just watching it on TV. 

For this we have organised special student teams who will go and cover different election rallies, roadshows, press conferences, candidates and the like. We have organised these events keeping the safety and security of all students in mind.

3. An important Semester Orientation will be held on 3rd February, Monday for the Entire College. Regular Classes will begin shortly thereafter.

4. IAAN recently professionally covered an International Exhibition of the French Embassy in India, showcasing french artists and their unique work. The French Minister of Culture, French Ambassador, Indian Union Minister for Culture and other Dignitaries graced the Occasion.

5. Students will be going to attend the Bharat Parv - India’s Festival - which is being held at the Red Fort on 31st January.

6. This Semester, Special Drone Classes will be organised for all batches, where-in expert Drone Operators will be coming to teach students on how to shoot on drones. 

7. Special Journalistic Movies will be screened every week in the College in this Semester, in the newly created Movie Theatre, to help immerse our students in the field as well as show them the creativity and possibilities of the field.

8. A special National Geographic Seminar will be held in the College in this Semester for all students — under the on-going National Geographic Photo Book Project.

9. This Semester we will be introducing a New Academic Course titled - Disaster Reporting which will be for the senior student batches. As Climate Change events increase in frequency leading to regular widespread devastation, this course will deal with the practicalities, hardships, safety guidelines, ethics and journalistic standards of reporting in disaster zones. 

10. Last Year, we had a very successful Fashion Show at Eros Hotel with our partners. This Semester we plan on doing a Fashion Walk and Shoot at Lodhi Gardens - titled Fashion under the Embrace of Heritage

Please Note: All Regular Classes, IAAN Divisions, Seminars, Activities, Studio Visits, Celebrity Visits, Special Guest Lectures, Embassy Events and the like will continue as before. These will be informed about at regular intervals.

We hope, that with the Classes, Divisions, Activities and much more all mapped out, this will be a full Semester with many exciting days! We look forward to working with all of you in this. The College is always open to any suggestions or new activities that we may have missed.

Please feel free to reach out to us for the same.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ayush Garg

Associate Director

IAAN Campus Weekly Update - 22.02.2020

Weekly Update

1. Students went to News 18 studios for a Debate on India-Pakistan relations

2. Students went to Aaj Tak Studios for a Debate on Shaheen Bagh

3. IAAN Divisions have been declared and all students have been assigned work

4. In Partnership with the Embassy of Singapore, IAAN Students have been sent to Siri Fort Auditorium for a Special Film Screenings from Singapore

5. A Photography Contest has been declared for all students with a significant cash prize

6. Students will be going to Hunar Haat tomorrow, at India Gate Lawns 

7. A Special Debate on CAA was organised in the College for all Students

8. Special Opportunity to work in the domain field of Artificial Intelligence has been offered to Senior Students

9. Selected IAAN Students went on a UP Govt. Project Shoot to Mathura recently, for live shoot coverage.

10. IAAN will be covering a the Launch of a Program on Women’s Menstrual Dignity, organised by the Govt. of Delhi and attended by the Deputy CM Manish Sisodia Sir tomorrow.

All Classes as per schedule next week.

Special Opportunity to work on Artificial Intelligence - For Senior Students - 23.02.2020


Special Opportunity to work on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies at National & International Level

This is to inform the Senior batches, that as you all are in your final semester of the College and have opted out of regular classes, the College is moving ahead with the Internships and Jobs phase for this Semester. 

We will be posting Job Notices and vacancies in your groups from the coming days.

Additionally, we want to offer a very special opportunity to all students to work on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies at the National & International Level. This batch has been taught the fundamentals of AI Technology for one complete year, and hence we are confident that under guidance you students can preform quite well in this futuristic technological field. 

Interested should send in their names to by Friday, 26th February 2020 12:00pm in the afternoon. 

Students will be selected based on a small written test held on AI after they submit their names. 

We look forward to your names and work on this exciting new opportunity. Selected students will be working closely with Senior Officials in New Delhi.

Thank you.  

JOB/ INTERNSHIP OPENINGS - Larsen & Tourbo - 24.02.2020

JOB/ INTERNSHIP OPENINGS - Larsen & Tourbo - 24.02.2020

Videographers are required to compile a few pictures of the CSR activities done by  Larsen and Tourbo Limited. Interested Students can send in their names to for this short-term project starting immediately.

JOB/ INTERNSHIP OPENINGS - News Nation - 24.02.2020

News Nation is looking for the young and creative people for their digital team. Multimedia producers (Entertainment & Sports) who can write for videos and news articles as well as video editors who can work on FCP (off-course know after effects).

Positions- 5  (3 Multimedia Producer + 2 Video Editors)

Location : Noida

Experience - 1 Video Editor (2-3 years)                     

1 Video Editor (5-7 years)                     

1 Mutlimedia Producer (5-7 years Entertainment)                     

1 Mutlimedia Producer (1-3 years Sports)                     

1 Mutlimedia Producer (3-5 years Sports) 

We have talked to News Nation, Experience in any IAAN Divisions counts and will be fully considered. 
Interested Students can send in their names to for this Job Opening.

JOB/ INTERNSHIP OPENINGS - Scoop Whoop Hindi - 24.02.2020

ScoopWhoop Hindi की टीम को एक सब एडिटर/सीनियर सब एडिटर की ज़रूरत है. The Scoop Whoop Hindi Team need a sub-editor and a Senior Editor. Experience in IAAN Divisions Counts. Interested Students can send in their names to for this Job Opening.



They require a Digital Copy Writer for English political beat with 1 to 10 years of experience. Experience in IAAN Divisions Counts. Interested Students can send in their names to for this Job Opening.

Special Class on Digital Media Technologies and Contest Announcement - 25.02.2020

Special Class on Digital Media Technologies and Contest Announcement

This is to inform all students that a special class will be held in the second half tomorrow on Digital Media Technologies and a special contest will be announced for students on this. 

Thank you.

Re-evaluation Forms For University Need to be submitted Today Positively - 27.02.2020

Re-evaluation Forms For University Need to be submitted Today Positively

This is to inform all students, that as per repeated reminders and notices, the Re-evaluation Forms for University Examinations need to be submitted today during College Hours Positively. Today is the Last Date. 

The Forms must reach the University on the 29th of February, and will be dispatched from the College Today Evening. 

No Late Forms will be entertained under any circumstances.

Thank you.


New Disaster Reporting Class Starts - 28.02.2020

New Disaster Reporting Class Starts

Dear Students,

This is to inform you all that as per previous announcements, the New Class on Disaster Reporting will begin tomorrow from 10:30am onwards. 

This is a Special Class organised for students to teach them on how to report on Disaster Zones and Natural Climatic Disasters. 

This class is crucial given the reality of Climate Change in our Country and across the world and we encourage all students to take it.

Thank you.


MD’s Dinner for Meritorious Students on Friday, 6th March 2020

MD’s Dinner for Meritorious Students on Friday, 6th March 2020

This is to inform all students that MD’s Dinner will be held for Meritorious students of the Aug - Dec 2020 Batches on 6th March 2020 at 7pm at The Surya Hotel, NFC. 

Students who are invited to this Special Dinner hosted by MD Sir himself, will be receiving personalised invitations shortly. 
Meritorious students who Top their Batches are appreciated and invited for Fine Dining on this exclusive Night. 

Thank you.


IAAN Campus Weekly Update - 03.03.2020

Weekly Update

1. A Face-to-Face with MD Session was held with all students recently and 2 IAAN Alumni - Ankesh Ojha and Priya Raj participated in the Session and interacted with Students

2. University Exams results for Last Semester were discussed and the re-evaluation forms were processed for concerned students. The University Exam result has been positive for the overall college and on average students have preformed quite well.

3. A New Class on Disaster Reporting commenced and is being taught by Vivek Bhatnagar Sir.

4. A New Special Seminar Class on New Media Technologies has been introduced for all students to teach them the ins and outs of Digital and Social Media Technologies

5. MD’s Dinner will be held for Meritorious Students of the Last Semester on 6th March, at The Suryaa Hotel - NFC

6. A Holi Program will be held in the College on 7th March 2020 at 12pm for all students, faculty and staff at the College

7. Students from IAAN in an extremely special opportunity met with the Chief Photographers for Reuters India - Danish Siddiqui Sir, and understood the dynamics of covering the Delhi Riots from an on-field experienced journalist of the highest calibre. Reuters India has shot iconic photographs of the Delhi Riots which have been carried globally.

8. A Special Photo-Shoot was organised at Humayun’s Tomb for IAAN Students under the ongoing National Geographic Photo Book Project. Wonderful photographs have come out from this shoot. 

9. A Mini Photo Series titled *Capturing Harmony was also shot at Humayun’s Tomb - with a focus on spreading a message of peace and love under the shadow of the Delhi Riots.*

10. A special shoot will take place at the Purana Qila on the 5th of March — for IAAN Students, covering Heritage in Delhi.

11. Students will be going for a Special and High-Level Visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan after the Holi Holidays towards the end of March.

Criteria for selection for the students for the visit would be regular attendance in the College and participation in classes.

Thank you.


Volunteers Needed for Delhi Govt. Relief Operations after Delhi Riots - 04.03.2020
Volunteers Needed for Delhi Govt. Relief Operations after Delhi Riots - 04.03.2020

Volunteers Needed for Delhi Govt. Relief Operations after Delhi Riots

Any student interested to volunteer in Delhi Govt's Relief operations such as disbursement of compensation handouts, reporting on ground needs, distribution of supplies etc, should reach out to Swati Dey Ma’am on Facebook. 

She is a Faculty of the College and is involved in the relief efforts of the Delhi Govt. to riot victims.

Let's rebuild Delhi. Let's show them the better दिलli ♥!

Thank you.


Holi Festival at the College Cancelled - As per Govt. Notifications - 05.03.2020

Holi Festival at the College Cancelled - As per Govt. Notifications

This is to inform all students that following the directives, advice and notifications received from the Prime Minister’s Office, The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry and the Delhi Government regarding the Coronavirus NCOVID 19 -

We are cancelling the Holi Program scheduled for Saturday, 7 March 2020. College Holidays are now Declared from 06 March - 11 March 2020.

MD's Dinner will be held tomorrow at 7pm, at The Suryaa as notified.

Classes will resume as normal from 12 March Onwards. We wish you and your families a safe holidays. Remember what was discussed in the meeting today.

Thank you.


College Academic Classes Resume from Tomorrow - 11.03.2020
College Academic Classes Resume from Tomorrow - 11.03.2020

College Academic Classes Resume from Tomorrow

Dear Students, 

The College Classes will resume from tomorrow as per schedule, which will be sent shortly. 

ALL IAAN Divisions are now Open as declared earlier and the Final List of All Students who Have Applied for IAAN Divisions is given below. 
If any student has any doubt regarding any Division, that will be answered in a College Meeting for Divisions which will be held on Friday, day after tomorrow. 

We will keep you updated on any Health Guidelines as we receive them from the concerned authorities regarding the Coronavirus. College starts tomorrow.

Thank you.


Health Advisory - Coronavirus Pandemic - 10.03.2020
Health Advisory - Coronavirus Pandemic - 10.03.2020

Health Advisory - Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear iAAN Community,

As you are all aware, the coronavirus Covid 19 has been declared a Global Pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Following this declaration the National Pandemic Guidelines and Disaster Management Act have been invoked by the Govt. of India, and there will be some changes to the normal College Functions. 

1. All Outdoor Shoots under National Geographic Projects that were to be held at the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Purana Qila etc are currently postponed.

2. The Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Mughal Gardens have been closed for Visitors, thus the College Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan on 26 March stands postponed.

3. Events scheduled with the Embassy of Switzerland and the Embassy of Vietnam are postponed. 

IAAN Academic Classes will continue as normal. IAAN Divisions have been opened and and will continue. 

ALL Students have been sensitised to the health situation and have been asked to take appropriate steps.

Below is a small guide kit from the WHO, that we encourage you all to watch. 

We are closely following the guidelines, advisories and notifications issued by the Different Ministries and will keep you updated on this situation as it evolves. 

Thank you.

Best Regards,

IAAN Management



Following the Directive Issued by the Government of NCT of Delhi — COLLEGE WILL BE CLOSED TILL 31st March 2020

This is in light of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Stay safe and Healthy.

IAAN Management

University Declares Holidays amid the Covid-19 Health Epidemic

As per Orders from the Government of India, the University has Declared Holidays amid the ongoing Covid-19 Health Epidemic globally. 


All Semester Academic Activiities are suspended until further orders.

Online Education Modules Launched effective 18.03.2020



Transition to Online Education System Modules


Dear Students and Parents,

As you are all aware, the world is currently facing the Covid-19 Health Pandemic of serious proportions, due to which All Universities, Colleges and Schools in India have been temporarily closed down by the Govt. of India.

Our First and Foremost Priority is the safety and security of our students, Faculty and the IAAN Community. In this, we are regularly following all the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities to stop the spread of this Disease and following University Orders; all students have vacated the IAAN Campus.

At the same time, we want to ensure that students do not loose out on the Education and Learning they deserve during this health crisis. IAAN has always taken education very seriously and we want our students to get the best opportunities possible.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, the College will be transitioning to an Online Education System Module under which students will be provided with classes, lectures, assignments and practical training in a digital format.

This will enable students to stay at home and yet complete their education and keep up with Assignments.

For this purpose, we are first taking the IAAN Divisions Online!

All students who have given their names for the different Divisions, IAAN TV, IAAN EXPRESS, IAAN RADIO and IAAN PRODUCTION, have been already selected and their names Officially declared on 11.03.2020.

These students will be included in the IAAN Divisions and start their Online Education Module from tomorrow itself. All the details of their work and how they should proceed further will be explained in the respective Division Official WhatsApp Group.

Depending upon the response and participation we get from students to the Online Division Modules, we will start implementing University Classes in a digital format soon.

We have taken all the relevant permissions from the Concerned Authorities over the past few days. 

We hope that students will participate in this whole-heartedly and we request Parents to ensure that the students are keeping up with the assignments given to students digitally.

Our Faculty as always are the best in the Industry and will do their part to further the student’s learning.


Thank you.

Dr. Anuj Garg

Managing Director

IAAN School of Mass Communication

A Note to Faculty - 25.03.2020

A Note to Faculty

Dear Faculty,

As you are all seeing, the Country and the World are going through Unprecedented Times. As we fight the Coronavirus as a Nation, we hope that all of you are safe and healthy. 

We wanted to inform you about the current updates from the College :

1. The College Premises and Hostel are Physically Closed in compliance of the Orders of the Government of Delhi. We request that all Faculty may please reach out to us on WhatsApp for any queries or questions regarding the College.

2. ONLINE EDUCATION MODULES STARTED ON 18.03.2020 We are Proud to Announce that within days of physically closing down the College as per Govt. Orders, The College Initiated Online Education Modules for all students, so that we can continue their Education in these times of crises. 
Since Last Week, the IAAN Divisions, TV, Express, Radio and Production have been continuously Operational and teaching All students.

3.  College Students Safely back at their Homes Through quick and Immediate Action, we have ensured that our student community had ample time to get back to their homes and to the safety of their Parents. This has helped put the minds of our students and their parents at ease and they are now fully concentrating on the Online Modules.

4.  First Coronavirus Briefing was Held at the College in the 3rd Week of February 2020 - We were amongst the first Colleges in Delhi to raise awareness about the coronavirus amongst our students and accurately informed them of the looming threat. Even when the students went home for Holi, we ensured a proper guidance was given on the do’s and dont’s of physical contact during the Holidays.

Since that time Multiple Meetings were held to discuss the situation as it evolved at the College.

5.  ASSIGNMENTS THROUGH DIGITAL MEDIUMS - students in all Divisions are submitting videos, pictures, articles, write-ups and essays on the work given to them. Their questions and problems are being solved in realtime.

It is our Hope that we will be able to Guide our Students to the best of our Abilities during this crisis period. When the need arises, we may humbly reach out to you all for your help in educating our students Online.

I am proud that the Entire Batches of UGD II, PGD II, BAMC II, BAMC IV and MAMC II have chosen to participate in the Online Education Modules.

Thank you.


Best Regards,


Ayush Garg

 Associate Director

Online University Theory Classes Approved - 04.04.2020
Online University Theory Classes Approved - 04.04.2020


Online IAAN Education - Theory Classes Started


Dear Students, 

For the past 1 week and more, we have been in constant touch with the HRD Ministry (Ministry of Education) to discuss the Educational status of our students and to come up with an approved plan so that Student Education does not suffer during these uncertain times.

As you all know, Makhanlal University has declared a halt on all Academic Activities for the time being in view of the Covid-19 Epidemic.

Still, in our view, a student’s education should continue, and for the same we had reached out to the HRD Ministry earlier. 

We are now proud to announce that, suitable approvals have been given from the HRD Ministry to continue Academic Classes for our Students in Online Format.

IAAN has approved special Theory Classes for all Students, using the Central Government Online Education Platform SWAYAM

What we have done is, we have taken the Makhanlal University Academic Syllabus, matched it with Online Course Subjects on SWAYAM, and approved those course subjects.

This will enable our students to study Theory Classes Online until the College Re-Opens physically and the courses the students do, will be Officially counted in their Marks as per Rules and Guidelines.

We have currently identified 2 Academic Courses for BAMC II, MAMC II, UGD II and PGD II each. And 1 Academic Course for BAMC IV.

All these Courses are approved by the UGC and the HRD Ministry. 

The courses are Live. Students have started their Theory Classes from Today.

All information for these courses is available Online. Courses are available in both E-book and Video Format. 


The Situation across the Country is Evolving Rapidly. And we will keep you updated as it evolves.

Best Regards,

Ayush Garg

Associate Director

IAAN EDUCATION - The Way Forward 17.04.2020
IAAN EDUCATION - The Way Forward 17.04.2020

IAAN EDUCATION - The Way Forward

Dear Students and Faculty, 

In the times of Coronavirus IAAN has been working at full-capacity to ensure that we are able to continue student education in the right way.

For this, we are in constant communication with the HRD Ministry and Makhanlal University since March 2020, even before the Lockdown was implemented. 

Some Important Steps we have taken so far are:

1. Starting in February, we had started holding College Meetings on Covid-19 informing students and giving them the Proper Guidance.

2. In February end itself, a month before the Lockdown, we reached out to the HRD Ministry for Directions on how to proceed forward in terms of College Education.

3. In early March, due to Delhi Riots, College shifted its priority to ensuring safety of all students and IAAN Community and then launched a healing photography series titled -- Capturing Harmony - to spread the message of love instead of hate. We are extremely proud of the work our students did in making this beautiful Photo Series.

4. Colleges and schools in Delhi were closed on 12 March under directions by the Delhi Govt. due to Covid-19. On 18 March 2020, IAAN Launched Online Education Modules starting with IAAN Divisions. We waited a few days until students reached their homes safely.


5. On 4th April, after reviewing the success of the Online Module and getting all necessary permissions, IAAN Started Online Theory Classes for students.

It is important to note that the Online Theory Courses do not end in April. They Continue onto May 2020. Therefore on 4th April, students had an academic chart till May end.

Now, after the Lockdown has been extended till 3rd May 2020, we have more important information.

A. The HRD Ministry will be making important announcements in the coming time. We will wait for those decisions to be made public before giving detailed instructions to students on how to proceed further.

B. All Online Courses that we have given you under Online Education Modules, have both Youtube Interactive videos and e-text books along with live assignments and real time teacher guidance available.

C. On 20th April, much of the country will re-opening. IAAN will be launching new education initiatives after 20th April

We are waiting until then as all the Districts in the Country are undergoing review as announced by Honourable Prime Minister in his National Address on 14 April. Currently it will be premature to make announcements before the ground situation is finalised. 

As this is an infectious disease, much can change over the next 2-3 days. 

We currently ask all students and faculty for their cooperation and reiterate to students that they should do the courses online and the Division Assignments. 

Thank you.

Ayush Garg
Associate Director

Semester Update in times of Covid-19 - 01.07.2020
Semester Update in times of Covid-19 - 01.07.2020


January - June 2020


Dear Students,

As you are well aware, College had transitioned into ONLINE Education Mode from 18 March 2020, before the National Lockdown was announced by the Honourable Prime Minister. 

In this Semester we have provided Students with :

1. More than 160 Practical IAAN Division Classes (during the Lockdown Period 1, 2, 3 and 4). That is 66 IAAN TV, 58 IAAN Express and 38 IAAN Radio. Hundreds of Videos produced by IAAN TV, 5 full length detailed Editions of RNI Registered Newspaper IAAN Express, 80 Special links and 15 Special Radio shows by IAAN Radio.

2. More than 50 Theory Classes (including Classroom Education and Online Zoom classes) for students. And classes are still going on.

3. More than 12 Activities were organised, before the Delhi Government Order dated 12.03.2020 followed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India Orders, made it mandatory for all Colleges and Universities to shut down.

4. Since 4 April 2020, College also implemented Special Online SWAYAM Classes under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the UGC MOOC’s for students.

5. At least 8 Important University Online Seminars were held for students with Honourable Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Newly Appointed Vice-Chancellor of Makhanlal University and Vice-Chancellors of other Universities organised by MCRPV.


The College is here and has always been there for all students.


Thank you.

Doordarshan Job Notice - 05.07.2020
Doordarshan Job Notice - 05.07.2020

DD News Job Alert

Dear Final Semester Students,

Please read and follow the instructions regarding the Doordarshan Job Notice posted in the Official College Group.

Last date to submit your Job form at DD News is : 20 July 2020

Doordarshan is in need of 07 Persons for the required Jobs. Masters/ PG Diploma Students will be highly eligible for these positions.

If student has worked in IAAN Divisions, that will count as Relevant Experience. We have coordinated everything with DD News. Make sure to submit all the neccessary documents along with your job application.


Best of Luck!